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We specialize at insulating equipment at power plants with our thermal insulated blankets. In order to provide the best value to our customers, we utilize machine manufactured thermal blankets that are some of the best and most long-lasting in the industry. When you call our shop for assistance, expect nothing less than professionalism, genuine advice, and a prompt response. A lot of our customers like us to install this type of insulation to equipment that they have to repair from time to time.

Our Process

Our removable blanket insulation products are cost effective and time saving for our customers who prefer easy access to their equipment along with the benefit proper insulation provides. Here is our general process when creating and installing removable blanket insulation.

1. Our foreman goes out to the job site to measure the equipment that needs to be insulated. From there we are able to determine the correct insulation needed for each job based on factors like location and the type of equipment.

2. Next, the foreman brings his drawings back to our main shop where we have commercial sewing machines, hog ring guns, and all the materials needed to make the blankets. Our blanket crew proceeds to cut the fabric to sew the blankets and cut the insulation to stuff the inside.

3. Next we place stainless steel wire mesh on the inside of the blankets which goes against the actual equipment. After that we hog ring the wire mesh to the blanket material and use stainless steel pins and washers to hold the insulation in place.

4. After that, we place a pin on each blanket that has a small stainless steel hook on it about 5” apart. The pins with hooks help us properly install the blankets to the equipment.

To learn more about our removable blanket insulation products or to request a quote, we encourage you to get in touch with us today by filling out the form below.

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